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You say "superficial" like it's a bad thing?

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Birthdate:Jan 23
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Bernard Woolley: Will I end up as a moral vacuum too?
Sir Humphrey Appleby: Oh, I hope so, Bernard. If you work hard enough.

Some people think in straight lines - I think in an attractive paisley pattern. Somewhat like the Mandelbrot set, but with better colour sense.

Absurdly eclectic tastes in film and TV, music and reading. I worship at the altar of John Steed and Emma Peel, and am an addict of a significant number of American drama series. I have not watched a soap opera since Dynasty ended.

My brain is stuffed with useless information - I'm a serious info-junkie. Sense of humour ranges from dry wit to carry-on film innuendo (via appalling puns), and some very dark undercurrents. I can be a bitch from hell when riled (acidic? you don't know the half of it). But most of the time I'm lovely to people, and fiercely loyal to my friends. The worst parts of my personality come from occasional thoughtlessness, my rather flexible approach to timekeeping, and a tendency to open mouth before engaging brain. Actually not as frivolous as I make out, but I do my best. I don't suffer fools gladly - or at all, for that matter. Somewhat camp, depending on the company - this can confuse people, to whom I say "Gender roles? Oh please, how last century".

My philosophy:
We must embrace the frivolous, and ignore the trivial. Wear clothes that feel lovely and look fabulous. Eat indulgent things, drink gorgeous drinks. As long as you're responsible where it's important, everything else is up for grabs. I believe that there are no morals in aesthetics. I am an evangelical atheist.

What I do for a living: soulless lackey of the state.

Things I adore: ivory_goddess, conversation, shopping, decent chocolate, cheesecake, cocktails, vintage champagne, real ale, rare steak, bitchy comments, single malts, shoes, clothes, jewellery, appalling puns, pretty buildings, art deco things, things that go "vroom", and Cornish clifftops. Oh, and more shopping, champagne and cocktails. To quote Sally Bowles, "Divine decadence, darling".

NOTE: My journal is now friends only. Not a huge issue for most, as I tend to live on other people's LJs a lot more than mine anyway. If you friend me and I don't add you back, please don't be offended - it really isn't anything personal, and I may well get round to reciprocating at some point. If I haven't met or conversed with someone (online or IRL), however, this is unlikely.
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