moral_vacuum: (Default)
2006-01-01 12:00 am


I thought I'd better do a proper "Friends Only" banner message to explain my Friends policy.

If I don't know you, either from conversing regularly on other people's LJs or in real life, it's highly unlikely I will add you back.  Nothing personal, and if I don't add you back you shouldn't be offended. I know that some people get anxious about such things. Don't be, as this is LJ and not real life. I'm not into having a huge FL for its own sake, and I hate having to faff about with filters etc hence why I'm a bit stringent.  In any case, I tend to live on other people's LJs a lot more than mine anyway.  If you wish to add me even after that slightly snippy sounding paragraph, please ask me first. I'll either say yes or ignore it, either way you'll know!

For those to whom I say "come on in, darling, the water's lovely", a few notes:

We are not at home to Drama.

Anyone using txt spk (unless in an ironic sense) gets culled instantly.

Worship and offerings of gin and chocolate are welcomed, and indeed encouraged, but are not essential.